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Render partners with Wessex Internet

Render partners with Wessex Internet

23/ 06/ 2021
BusinessWire -- June 25, 2021

UK telecommunications company Wessex Internet has partnered with Australian construction technology business Render to accelerate the regional deployment of its full fiber network over the next decade.

It comes amid a broader push across the UK to accelerate gigabit broadband and future-proof upwards of 85% of households nationally by 2025.

Wessex Internet’s full fiber network spans the countryside of Dorset, South Wiltshire, South Somerset, and parts of Hampshire. When added to its network of over 150 wireless masts the company can provide a superfast connection to tens of thousands of homes and businesses in the southwest of the UK.

Render’s deployment technology removes the complexity of network rollouts with real-time, geospatial data flows and the delivery of daily optimized tasks to Wessex Internet’s construction teams. These unique capabilities streamline the end-to-end construction process, with potential to deliver schedule and cost efficiencies of up to 50%.

“This is an exciting partnership for Render. We’re eager to bring the same innovation that’s enabling future-proof connectivity in Australia and the United States to the UK at a time when all communities across the country need it most."

"Wessex Internet and the broader UK broadband sector are committed to bridging the country’s digital divide as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible, and we are thrilled for Render’s technology to be part of the solution.” said Sam Pratt, CEO at Render Networks. 

Hector Gibson Fleming, CEO of Wessex Internet added: “Access to a gigabit-capable connection is becoming increasingly vital, but often rural communities are the last to benefit from new technologies and infrastructure. As a local and independent business, we’ve experienced first-hand how the digital divide affects our communities and are passionate about delivering fast reliable full-fiber broadband to homes and businesses that have been underserved by the market for too long."

"One of the biggest challenges is organizing and accurately recording the vast amount of work our teams undertake across a dispersed rural geography. We’re delighted to partner with Render to help us accelerate progress and drive efficiencies across our network construction processes.”

This partnership follows Render’s market expansion in both Australia and the United States. The company has secured a number of major deployments in the past year including The Broadband Group, Lumen Networks, Irby Utilities, and NBN Co. delivery partners in Australia, now managing a fast-growing portfolio of global fiber and wireless infrastructure projects, actively deploying over 850k connections.  

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