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Be the trusted partner for fiber deployment

Render helps construction teams deliver quality networks ahead of time, every time and continue to win and accelerate projects with their network operator partners. 

Render for Construction Contractors

Complete projects and get paid faster with automated scope creation and work management, hyper-productive crews, and real-time visibility of quality and progress across deployments.

Increase margins and deliver faster with hyper-productive crews

Increase margins and deliver faster with
hyper-productive crews

Crews only receive ready-to-go tasks with dependencies built in from the start of the project. Keep teams moving by seamlessly pivoting resources to ready work or away from tasks impacted by permit delays or material shortages.

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Instant visibility into portfolio performance

Increase stakeholder confidence with a unified GIS view of data and progress. Forecast labor, material and equipment needs, predict schedules and ensure milestones are met from one trusted source - reducing the need for manual status updates and disparate reporting sources. 

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Irby Utilities connected rural Arkansas 50% ahead of schedule

Craighead Electric Cooperative Corporation (CECC) pioneered a $110 million, 5,000-mile project to deliver symmetrical, gigabit fiber to their communities. The combination of Irby’s project management expertise and optimization of resources through Render’s end-to-end digital automation, CECC was able to achieve these benchmark outcomes: 


ahead of deployment schedule yet 12% under budget


outside plant is being deployed 84% faster than planned


saving in forecasted resourcing

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Efficiently manage change and redlines in real-time

Access geo-tagged change data direct from the field for review and immediate integration into operations and customer systems. 


Improve build quality by resolving defects as you go

Managing QA as you construct prevents repeated defects and lowers the risk of accumulated cost and time at completion. Increase crew accountability and stakeholder confidence by assessing work quality at the contractor or crew level daily. 

Powerful capabilities to drive efficiency across construction:

Automated work scope creation

Construction scope output with a breakdown of work, labor and materials required, and built-in sequencing and dependencies. 

Accelerated build times and reduced delivery costs
Change and redline management

Efficiently manage change and redlines in the field, and deliver geo-tagged data in real-time to operations systems enabling faster connections and completions.

Real-time project visibility and FCC reporting capabilities
Scheduling & Forecasting

Predict the completion dates of task types, areas and ultimately the entire project or portfolio daily. 

Build prioritization to census block locations
Digital as-built completion pack

Progressive close-out data is securely passed to downstream systems throughout construction to accelerate customer, payment and operations processes.

Build prioritization to census block locations
Multi-project insights and reporting

Real-time insight into production, performance and completions across your portfolio.

Real-time project visibility and FCC reporting capabilities
Invoice enablement

Manage invoicing and contractor payments efficiently with the required labor and material data to account for work as it's completed. 

Leading construction teams choose Render

Render streamlines our ability to increase speed to market for our customers, makes our job easier and allows us to manage the work more efficiently.  Our field teams spend more time ensuring a quality product is being built vs handling stacks of paper.

Brian Harless
Regional Construction Manager

Render has created a direct connection between design, field engineering, procurement of labor and materials, and final operations handover. That streamlining has never been done before.


Gary Ervin
Co-founder & Chairman
Group 927
Render Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with your existing project ecosystem

Capture and integrate accurate as-built data from the field directly into leading systems for design, fiber management, finance, program maintenance, and CRM. Share standard, out-of-the-box report files efficiently with simple batch transfers.


Manage delivery
milestones and risk
with ease

Build networks better today