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One platform to streamline end-to-end network construction

By automating manual tasks, optimizing resources, and map-based visualization, Render achieves transparency in real-time while generating significant time and cost efficiencies.

Access a unified geospatial view of construction – connected between the field and office – replacing all manual and duplicated data processes.

Deployment innovation that delivers broadband networks faster

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Digital Construction Blueprint

Design Blueprint
Digital Blueprinting

Task-level GIS scope. Design is transformed into a geospatial digital construction scope eliminating all PDF and paper-based artifacts in the field.

Task Sequencing
Task Sequencing & Dependencies

Dependency-driven tasks sequenced for optimal delivery. Automates the creation of construction dependencies in the platform, unlocking a new level of management visibility and efficiency.


Geospatial Construction Management

Group 541
Task Allocation & Optimization

Field crews receive ready-to-go tasks in a geospatial, map-based view. Dynamically allocate tasks daily – or in real-time – based on priority build sequences, crew availability, or efficiency.

Group 725
Material Tracking & Utilization

Aggregate and task-level tracking in real-time for both material and labor. Real-time reporting and dashboards available for billable units.

Group 393
Change Management & Approvals

Streamlines the end-to-end change and approval process with real-time change management to minimize impact to productivity in the field.

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Dynamic QA

Dynamically identify, rectify and approve quality issues and variations in parallel with construction, significantly reducing speed to market and connection timeframes. Manage in-flight changes. 

Digital Redlines

Field teams capture accurate, real-time geospatial redline data at the task level.

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Integrated GIS Drops
Optimize tasks based on subscriptions and install dates. As work is completed, Render automates required As-built data to downstream systems to connect the right customers faster.
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Real-time Construction Intelligence

All project stakeholders access a single geospatial view of construction data in the format required for their role.


Digital Completion Pack

Group 121
Digital As-builts

Downstream requirements are mapped to As-built data capture. Progressive close-out data is available throughout construction to accelerate customer, payment, and operations processes.

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What makes
Render different?

Convert your design directly into work

Render transforms design into a detailed digital scope of construction requirements – with dependencies built-in and sequenced for optimal delivery – before the shovel hits the dirt.

Ensure crews never run out of work

Ready-to-go tasks and real-time capture of accurate as-built and redline data in GIS format ensure field crews are hyper-efficient. Remove manual assignment and data capture, and assign work based on build priorities, crew availability, or performance.

One integrated construction workflow

Construction, change, QA, and redline processes are progressive and not linear, significantly improving delivery speed and connection timeframes. Identify, rectify, and approve changes and issues dynamically throughout construction.

Experience geospatial construction intelligence

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Construction intelligence for every stakeholder

Gain insight into what needs focus across your network rollout. With a unified, geospatial view of construction, executives can instantly access real-time visibility of progress and performance across the project or portfolio.


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