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End-to-end automation drives efficiency daily

Render keeps teams moving with automated work scope creation, real-time geospatial visibility and a single view of end-to-end performance.

Best-of-breed construction capability for network operators and builders

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Automated work scope creation

Automate work scope creation

Direct from the network design including BOM to accurately forecast materials and BOQ to plan for required labor. Thousands of tasks are sequenced for optimal build and crews only receive work that is ready to complete.

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Streamline and automate work management

Automate and monitor the allocation, release and completion of tasks with exact geo-location and real-time status, enabling seamless and accurate reporting across multiple contractors and markets.

Portfolio Visability

Real-time performance visibility and insights

Render transforms construction and operations data into clear and actionable insights, making advanced analytics accessible in-platform alongside responsive, user-configurable dashboards.  

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Powerful capabilities unlock efficiency across the lifecycle

Strategic work management

Streamline the management and tracking of work from scope to construction and operations. Release, complete and approve tasks to monitor geospatial progress in real-time.

Scheduling and forecasting

Predict the completion dates of task types, areas and ultimately the entire project or portfolio daily.

Redlining and change management

Efficiently manage change and redlines in the field, and deliver geo-tagged data in real-time to operations systems enabling faster connections and completions.

Meet and exceed project milestones
Quality assurance

Review and validate data inputs and photos captured as work is completed. Trigger additional tasks based on further issues.

one end-to-end
As-built completion pack

Progressive close-out data is securely passed to downstream systems throughout construction to accelerate customer, payment and operations processes.


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Customer drops

Dynamically create and automate construction and customer connection workflows. Optimize tasks based on subscriptions and install dates.


One, connected source of
real-time network data

Network operators and builders want their project and enterprise ecosystem to operate as a single, connected information flow. 

Render's RESTful-based API enables a real-time exchange of rich, construction data with your existing project and enterprise systems.

Gain total ownership and control of your data and the flexibility to customize solutions for any business and technology environment.

Achieve industry-leading outcomes

Render’s platform has been a game changer for our organization. Right now, we’re about six months ahead of schedule just 18 months in.

Billy Gordon
VP, Technical operations

Render delivered the network design into manageable tasks but more importantly gave us the visibility to make informed decisions on the infrastructure whilst continuing to construct in an agile manner.

SVP, technology & communications

Experience a single, real-time view of performance wth Render Insights

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