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Monitor crew performance and quality in real-time

Render Insights for Construction leaders enables instant visibility into crew and contractor productivity, resource allocation, and material utilization in a single, real-time performance view.

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Crew and Contractor Summary

Compare crew performance across multiple projects

Stay ahead of schedule with instant progress and contractor performance visibility

  • ✔️ Daily visibility of progress impacts and potential choke points 
  • ✔️ Monitor time to close tasks out by crew, assign work to more productive or faster teams to meet delivery targets

  • ✔️ Ensure crews are building in an optimal way and to priorities
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Monitor build quality as you go

Reduce defects and avoid cost overruns or extended completion timelines

  • ✔️ Identify contractors and areas with the lowest or highest rework or variation rates

  • ✔️ Identify if changes or defects are within acceptable limits by crew or contractor to stay ahead of potential issues

  • ✔️ Monitor time to handover by contractor or region



Render Insights

Forecast and track material utilization seamlessly

Manage actual vs planned material usage in real-time, including wastage comparisons across contractors and crews  

  • ✔️ Manage material units and forecast against run rate and expected completion  timelines 
  • ✔️Accurately manage material inventory, orders, and wastage

  • ✔️ Provide finance teams and contractors instant visibility of completed labor and material units to accelerate billing processes

Our customers say it best

With Render Insights, it takes less than 30 minutes to keep all of our project dashboards up to date, it is just point and click.

That's one-sixteenth of the time taken with Render previously and a saving of more than two FTEs in previous construction environments.

Josh Collver
Director, OSP Operations
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Data-driven deployment at your fingertips

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