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Planning for BEAD deployment success

Render drives value across the funding and delivery lifecycle

The $42.45 billion Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) program will build the broadband infrastructure needed to close America’s digital divide. 

Render’s role in this once-in-a-generation investment is to deliver technology-enabled efficiencies to enable network operators and their trusted partners to deliver infrastructure faster with greater transparency and governance. 

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Download your BEAD deployment guide

Render's proven construction management technology is already working with a number of network operators taking advantage of Federal and State broadband grants

This guide outlines customer benefits and key areas in which Render drives value across upcoming BEAD program stages.

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Project plan and scope accuracy
​​Build prioritization to unserved locations
Accelerated network build and reduced costs
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BEAD templated reporting and compliance

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Understanding the BEAD timeline

As the program moves to the Subgrantee Selection and Final Proposals, Render is working with customers to:
  1. Develop a cost-efficient and accurate construction scope
  2. Build a deployment plan to meet schedule and milestone requirements
  3. Mitigate delivery risk, including contractor, materials, resourcing, and commercial considerations.
  4. Plan for funding reporting and compliance 

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Delivery readiness is key

Planning and scope accuracy for subgrantees

A data-driven network design ensures a more constructible deployment and its accuracy has a huge impact on the ability to deploy at speed and access all available time and cost savings.

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BEAD templated reporting and compliance

Customized task and construction data capture streamlines reporting and the ability to prove completion. All BEAD-compliant data is instantly available in dashboards and downloadable reports for post-award reporting.

General Contractors
Accelerated build times and reduced delivery costs

It has never been more important for network
operators to achieve more with the resources
they have and consider labor-saving technologies to enable effective coordination and communication between field crews and the office and keep ‘boots on the ground busy’.

Reduce network delivery risk
Reduced network delivery risk

Access 50+ years of deployment expertise, with industry best-practice methodologies built-in to unlock new levels of delivery efficiency and effectiveness.


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