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Render expands capability into Operations & Maintenance

17/ 04/ 2023

Today we announced an extension of Render's market-leading platform to include select network operations and maintenance support. The expanded offering enables operators to expedite customer connections and seamlessly maintain and enhance the integrity of geospatial network records throughout the network lifecycle. 

The telecommunications industry is on track to reach peak fiber deployment, with households passed expected to increase from 68 to 100 million and over $135 billion in federal and private capital to primarily connect unserved markets by 2028.* Render’s recent platform and integration investment anticipates increasing deployment volumes and subsequent demand increases for customer connections, network operations, and maintenance activities.

Render’s latest release ensures that the rich, geospatial data delivered throughout construction is readily available to maintain and operate quality infrastructure long-term. Render’s automated scope creation, work management, and real-time visibility capabilities are now available to reduce the cost to maintain infrastructure and enhance the integrity of GIS system-of-record data across the design, construction and operations phases. 

“The market has asked us for an integrated construction and operations solution that reduces the cost to build and maintain infrastructure and improves the overall quality and geospatial accuracy of network records,” said Sam Pratt, CEO at Render Networks. “The industry routinely relies on disparate systems and incomplete datasets to manage and maintain networks. We now offer a unified solution that accelerates customer connections and better maintains networks for the lifetime of the asset. In Town State, Bolivar Energy Authority and Irby Utilities recently utilized this capability to move from construction to customer connection in just ten weeks versus ten months."

  1. In today’s environment, won or lost by quality and speed-to-market, efficiently transitioning from construction to operations is essential to delivering the connectivity and community outcomes we intend to realize over the coming years.

New capabilities for
Operations and Maintenance
Render’s innovation now improves the quality and operability of data from initial deployment through to customer connection drops and ongoing maintenance works:

Proactive Maintenance: Automated scheduling and tracking of maintenance tasks and projects.

Customer Drops: Dynamically create and automate construction and customer connection workflows.

Adds, Moves, Changes: 

Efficient tracking of additions and changes to maintain network accuracy and service quality.

Render’s Digital Twin Solution:
Maintain network record integrity throughout construction and ongoing operations (Launching June 2023). 

Additional platform enhancements include new segment-specific packages for network operators and builders and a data insights capability, leveraging advanced analytics and responsive, user-configurable dashboards that showcase Render’s real-time data and improve stakeholder visibility and collaboration. 

Pratt added, “Render consistently achieves the industry’s best network construction outcomes. Our customers asked us to solve their adjacent operations and maintenance challenges with the same field productivity and downstream efficiencies they’re accustomed to throughout construction.

For more information on Render’s expanded solution, register for our Product Showcase on May 11 here.  

*2023-2027 North American Fiber Broadband Report: FTTH And 5G Review & Forecast

The market has asked us for an integrated construction and operations solution that reduces the cost to build and maintain infrastructure and improves the overall quality and geospatial accuracy of network records

Sam Pratt
Render Networks

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