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Streamline connections and maintenance with Render's expanded platform

03/ 07/ 2023

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As deployment volumes increase across the industry, so too does the need to connect customers and maintain network quality and records efficiently. 

In this exclusive product showcase, we explore the extension of Render's platform into network operations and maintenance project support. 

Join our executive team as they share live examples of these new and exciting capabilities and how our customers are already achieving benchmark results.

  1. What’s on offer
    Learn more about Render's Connection and Maintenance use cases below and how end-to-end automation drives efficiency across the entire build, operate and maintain lifecycle. 

  2. 1. Proactive Maintenance: Automate and optimize scheduling and tracking of maintenance tasks and schedules
  3. 2. Customer Drops: Dynamically create and automate construction and customer connection workflows
  4. 3. Adds, Moves, Changes: Efficient tracking of additions and changes to maintain network accuracy and service quality
4. Digital Twin Solution: Maintain network record integrity throughout construction and ongoing operations (Coming late 2023)

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Speaker List
Markus Giesen
Chief Product Officer
Render Networks
Tom Brooks
Director, GIS & Solutions Engineering
Render Networks

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