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Digital approaches to maximize 2021 broadband funding and grants
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Digital approaches to maximize 2021 broadband funding and grants

10/ 06/ 2021
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As we enter peak network planning and delivery in 2021, broadband investment is less of a hurdle with the influx of federal, state, and private funding hitting the market. The new challenge ahead is the effective and efficient utilization of these funds to connect priority locations and customers.

For networks seeking to maximize their funding application - and ultimately delivery success -  technology-enabled solutions can be a significant competitive advantage and streamline each stage of your delivery journey.  

In this session, Connected2Fiber and Render Networks share real-world examples of how real-time, geospatial insights will enable greater transparency, schedule reduction, and network ROI, including:
 + Identify total addressable market at a location level
 + Optimize network planning with a perspective around market demand
 + Build priority areas first: Flexibility of build and ability to pivot based on prioritization
 + Automate critical data capture and distribution for government reporting and compliance
 + Reduce schedule durations and significantly improve the experience from customer sign up to connection


Ben Edmonds
Ben Edmonds
CEO & Co-founder,
Sam Pratt
Render Networks

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We realize that every business case is unique. That’s why in addition to the value calculator featured here, we also provide a complimentary Network ROI Assessment with Render’s leadership team to review the specific details of your project.
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