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Industry Guide: The next-generation of Digital Network Construction
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Industry Guide: The next-generation of Digital Network Construction

08/ 02/ 2022
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The investment and delivery timelines of today’s telecommunications networks are simply on a different scale. Pandemic-related demand is at an all-time high and the industry is actively seeking ‘best-of-breed’ technologies and approaches to deliver the required returns and quality network outcomes, faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Render’s next generation of Digital Network Construction is solving this exact challenge guided by four core principles:

1. Turn the design into work, and simply build the design utilizing today’s technology
2. Construction workflow digitization, automation and optimization 
3. Real-time, geospatial visibility for all stakeholders
4. One geospatial platform for end-to-end for construction, QA, change management and redlining

Download the Digital Network Construction guide for insight into Render's end-to-end digital delivery approach and significant value drivers, including:
  • A single,integrated view of end-to-end geospatial construction data for all stakeholders delivers a new level of project control and visibility of progress in real-time to make better build and resourcing decisions for a single project, program or portfolio.
  • One geospatial workflow for end-to-end construction, change and QA processes: Revolutionary QA, change management, and digital redlining processes enable project teams to dynamically identify and resolve quality issues and document changes as work is completed significantly reducing time-to-market.
  • Network design data is transformed into deliverable work and sequenced for optimal delivery. Digital tasks specify exactly what needs to be delivered on geospatial maps, optimizing quality and minimizing rework.
  • Technology-enabled optimization accurately updates resourcing requirements and releases tasks. Priorities are based on the optimal build sequence configured for your deployment, resulting in unparalleled field productivity. Stakeholders can dynamically reschedule remaining works daily to the most efficient contractors.
  • Mapping of downstream system requirements to As-built data collection. Ensuring field teams capture consistent and complete digital construction data including work, material and digital red line data, photos and attachments to streamline customer connections, invoicing and handover to network operations.

This guide has been built for network operators, their trusted partners and construction teams looking to increase efficiencies and solve the complexities of large-scale network deployment.

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