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Consistent and accurate data to manage payments and risks in real-time

Just like an ERP system delivers a singular, real-time view of your organization's financial and commercial performance, Render’s technology delivers the same for your network project performance.

Keep construction teams moving to deliver faster

Render unlocks a level of predictability and visibility into the network build by laying out a digital scope of work with detailed geospatial work instructions sharing what needs to be done, required materials, dependencies including permits or approvals, and where it needs to be completed.

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Significantly mitigate project risk

Streamline invoice and payment processes

With visibility of the project schedule and associated BOQ/BOM overlaid on the network design, time, cost, materials, and labor implications are more transparent and can be dynamically adjusted based on in-field performance and historical data.

Leverage as-built data to track and manage materials and suppliers

Construction teams are only allocated ready-to-go tasks, providing visibility into planned tasks and certainty that they will not run out of work to resource up accordingly. Manage progress at the crew and team level, by task type, and across geographic regions.

Accurate view of project status to predict invoicing

Digital as-built and redline data are captured in real-time versus requiring passthrough redlined documents from the field for manual updates into engineering systems.

Manage project costs, materials and contractors in real-time

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Dependency-driven task and resource optimization

Dynamically allocate tasks daily ensuring that work is allocated based on optimal or priority build sequences, resource availability, or the most efficient crews.

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Respond to changes and opportunities

With Render’s unique task-based approach, changing priorities throughout the build can be immediately implemented without impacting field productivity.

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One end-to-end network construction solution

Progressively identify and rectify quality issues, variations, and redlining in parallel with construction, reducing speed-to-market by reimagining traditional linear processes.

Manage project financials with ease

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All stakeholders have access to a single, geospatial source construction truth

From project kick-off, downstream requirements are mapped to as-built data collection.

Field crews capture mandatory data requirements, enabling consistent and accurate data to be shared with project stakeholders like finance and operations progressively and in real-time.

Our customers say it best

You have visibility of one source of geospatial data – that’s huge. Render has created a connection between design, field engineering, the procurement of materials, and final operations handover. That streamlining is something that has never been done before.

Gary Ervin
Co-Founder, Ervin Cable

We no longer need to devote resources to preparing status updates. Every stakeholder can access a centralized data source.

Real-time geospatial progress views enable smart, data-driven decisions on the deployment which really builds confidence in the project.

Jeremiah Sloan
COO, Craighead Electric Cooperative

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