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Planning for RDOF bid and network delivery success

Funding the future of rural America: $20.4 billion to connect US rural communities to high-speed broadband.

Gigabit-capable networks at the lowest possible cost

Render’s role in the FCC funding program is to deliver technology-enabled efficiencies to all participants and enable significant time, cost, and quality improvements.
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Configurable to your planned network architecture and build strategy

Real-time project visibility and templated RDOF reporting capabilities provide confidence in delivering to census blocks and meeting post-award regulatory and compliance requirements.

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Significant value for rural networks and their trusted partners

Long-form application: Project plan and scope accuracy

Prepare your construction scope and schedule with confidence to deliver a compelling project plan while still maintaining build flexibility and sufficient margin or contingency.

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Build prioritization to census block locations

Seamless real-time tracking of progress against census block objectives enables early identification of performance issues or at-risk delivery to avoid post-award penalties and better build decisions.

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Unmatched real-time project visibility and FCC reporting capabilities

Customized data capture simplifies public reporting and compliance requirements. Attempting to achieve this with paper construction prints, project management platforms or multiple Excel sheets introduces significant risk.

Accelerated build times and reduced delivery costs

Achieve ‘break-even’ and positive cash flow sooner while connecting your community to reliable, high-speed internet faster.

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Reduced network delivery risk

Access 50+ years of deployment expertise, with industry best-practice methodologies built-in to unlock new levels of delivery efficiency and effectiveness.


Understanding key deployment criteria

Rural digital opportunity funding will be awarded to the provider offering the highest or ‘best’ service tier at the lowest bid, weighted against service tiers and other conditions. Winning bidders must serve every home and business within the auctioned census block group.

Winning bidders to meet buildout milestones. Failure to meet these will result in escalating non-compliance penalties:

  • 40% completion by end of year 3
  • 20% per year through year 6
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