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Virtual highlights from Digital Network Week 2021
Industry Insights

Virtual highlights from Digital Network Week 2021

20/ 04/ 2021
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At a time when connectivity has never been more critical, Digital Network Week assembled a group of innovative thinkers and industry participants to think differently about how to solve the connectivity challenge. Streaming 15 innovation-led sessions, attendees had access to free and virtual leadership panels, product demonstrations, and innovative fireside chats over the 5-day event.

Overall, these virtual events' success (or struggles) hinge on the cut-through of the conversation, and Digital Network Week, fortunately, had this in spades. Here are a few of the highlights.

Industry perspectives from the digital alliance CEOs
CEOs from digital partners Biarri Networks, VETRO FiberMap, Connected2Fiber and Render Networks canvassed a number of key themes regarding future broadband rollouts across the country and the governance needed to ensure investment is being utilized and reaches underserved markets in the intended timeframe.  With funding no longer the primary constraint for broadband rollouts, the panel turned their attention to other areas that could cause delays for network rollouts and opportunities to streamline funded projects.

Talking all things innovation with Blair Levin
Blair Levin, Senior Fellow at Brookings Institute and Executive Director of Gig.U: The Next Generation Network Innovation Project, sat down with Paul Sulisz, CEO of Biarri Networks, to discuss a range of innovative ideas, and four fundamental priorities when approaching the proposed $100 billion infrastructure package. These include finishing the job of building out great networks everywhere, coming up with mechanism for the 80 million people who can’t afford internet or don't have the tools to be connected. More competition, and technological leadership in the communications networks over the next 20+ years round out the list. Watch on-demand here


Why we should be ‘livin’ on the EDGE’
While Aerosmith did not make an appearance, we did have a really informative leadership panel with Bill Radford, CIO, EdgePresence and Kevin Rocks, EVP Sales and Marketing, South Reach Networks, led by Jaymie Scotto Cutaia, CEO of JSA. This dynamic discussion shared what's on the horizon for EDGE computing, ‘everything as a service’ and how deep-sea cable is impacting the digital divide. 

Smart partnering: Funding to future-proof networks panel with some really smart ideas
A panel of industry leaders with deep seated experience working with municipalities, cities and rural communities to deliver next-generation networks shared their insights for network teams approaching a grant application or network build. Key themes include the foundational elements of smart communities, middle vs last mile focus, partner selection criteria, how to prepare a winning funding application and lessons learned from successful community projects. This was an absolute crowd-favorite so we encourage you to tune in to this 40-min panel. Here's Bill Maguire, Principal, Connected Communities LLC, with tips on how to approach a competitive grant process. 

Get up close and personal with the latest technologies accelerating networks 
Not often you have the latest network technologies, come to you in one digital location, over one week. If you are considering technology utilization to optimize and streamline your network rollout, we hosted multiple product demos and innovation showcases that enable you to experience best-in-class solutions, from the comfort of your (home) office. All digital partners are on standby to deliver a tailored product demo, so please do not hesitate to reach out here

Thank you
Digital Network Week was the most accessible event for broadband network operators and their partners made possible by the contribution of experts, the industry, and a universal appetite to think differently - so, thank you. 

As we transition to Digital Network 365, we are committed to maintaining this platform to continue conversations around how technology and innovation will enable a connected future faster. In the meantime, catch up on last week's sessions below. 


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