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Render climbs 57 places in the 2020 Deloitte Fast 500 rankings
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Render climbs 57 places in the 2020 Deloitte Fast 500 rankings

17/ 05/ 2021
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Render has climbed 57 places in the 2020 Deloitte Fast 500 rankings to now be placed #442 in the Asia Pacific region. 

The ranking comes after a year of innovation and growth for the company, which saw Render solidify a market-leading position in the US telecommunication infrastructure market, signing several key clients and lifting headcount from 12 to over 37 full-time staff across Australia, the United States, and Asia.

Render’s Network Construction Platform enables real-time, geospatial data flows from the field to the office, streamlining the end-to-end construction process, and delivering infrastructure deployment time and cost efficiencies of up to 50%.

“2020 presented significant challenges for all teams and businesses. To have come out the other side stronger is testament to the resilience and strength of our customers, especially across the US who despite extreme hardship, never relented in their determination to press-on and build communications networks that are more critical now than ever before.” CEO Sam Pratt said. 

“Over US$100 billion annually is being invested to deploy the fiber networks required to connect millions of homes and businesses across the US. In direct response to the pandemic, the UK government recently committed to connecting 85% of premises to 1gbps fiber connections by 2025. This global infrastructure investment trend is ramping up and our team is well-positioned and excited to partner with industry and unlock a new level of technology-enabled efficiency in how large-scale networks are delivered.”

Deloitte’s Fast500 competition ranks companies across the Asia Pacific region on their revenue growth.


We realize that every business case is unique. That’s why in addition to the value calculator featured here, we also provide a complimentary Network ROI Assessment with Render’s leadership team to review the specific details of your project.
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