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Render Networks ranks in BBC’s coveted Top 100 FTTH companies of 2019
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Render Networks ranks in BBC’s coveted Top 100 FTTH companies of 2019

15/ 08/ 2019

Each year, Broadband Communities magazine prepares a Top 100 list of the organizations they believe are best advancing the cause of fiber-based broadband across the FTTH ecosystem.

Just over a year after our entry into the US market, Render Networks is thrilled to announce that we have secured a place on the 2019 list. To be ranked amongst peers, partners and industry leaders including Century Link, The Broadband Group, CommScope and VETRO Fibermap to name a few is both humbling and motivating for our growing team.

Broadband Communities’ criteria for inclusion highlights the ‘game-changing potential’ of Render’s Digital Network Construction platform to innovate the way fiber networks are deployed.

So what does seemingly limitless consumer demand for connectivity mean for FTTH in 2019?

Increasing demand, decreasing timelines
The fiber industry is looking for the ultimate efficiency hack. With the expected demand for 5G globally and US government commitment to deliver high-speed broadband to all communities comes a clear need for ubiquitous fiber networks and investment in supporting infrastructure. 

The scale, magnitude and complexity of today’s networks has increased significantly, which combined with booming demand brings a new level of pressure to delivery timelines. 

While the industry has been progressively innovating and adopting technology solutions to improve project outcomes, there is an increasing appetite and real opportunity to think differently about the way fiber networks are delivered.

‘What excites us the most is the realization that we can be part of the solution by enabling network and utility owners, engineers and builders to do more with the limited resources they have, to harness today’s technology and automation to address the inherent inefficiencies of network deployment, and in doing so connect communities faster and more efficiently than ever before.’ said Sam Pratt, Render’s CEO.

Efficiency is the lifeblood of future networks
With news of the USDA’s recent funding uplift of ~$1.75b to deliver high-speed connectivity across rural America, infrastructure owners, cooperatives and tier 2 cities focussed on embracing technology to do more with less and maximize productivity will ultimately connect more customers with a given funding allocation.

Add up the benefits to connect more customers
Measuring and communicating how a digital approach can drive project efficiency and adding up positive impact on cost, schedule and risk, is now a proven path to a compelling business case. To calculate the potential savings of a technology enabled approach check out our calculator:

‘Render’s mission to Build Networks Better aligns perfectly with the unified goal we see across the United States of connecting under-connected communities to the economic and societal benefits of high-speed, reliable broadband.’ added Pratt. 

You can find the Broadband Communities top 100 list here.


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