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Render ranks on Top 100 FTTH Companies for three consecutive years
Fiber Network Deployment

Render ranks on Top 100 FTTH Companies for three consecutive years

03/ 08/ 2021

Relationships Matter

From a global pandemic to the expansion of a Global team and unprecedented customer growth, 2021 has been a big year. Through all of it, two key things have been the cornerstone of Render’s success: relationships and the unequaled value we deliver to network deployment. 

Today, I am thrilled to share a milestone that acknowledges both of these – for the third consecutive year, Render has ranked on the Broadband Communities Top 100 FTTH companies, being the only network construction platform recognized to be advancing the cause of fiber broadband

The industry is entering a historic period where investment and deployment volume continues to achieve new heights. Today's mobile and geospatial technology is reimagining how best to deliver on the promise of a connected future with new and accelerated timelines.

We are proud of our leading role in innovating towards a faster, more efficient and integrated deployment approach. Here are a few ways that innovation is optimizing the scope, construct, and completion stages of our customer’s projects:

 + Transforming network design into construction tasks. Sequenced to an optimal, including build prioritization for funding or census requirements, and viewable on a map. This level of predictability and visibility into the delivery plan is a unique benefit for network teams.

 + Task optimization and automation deliver ready-to-go tasks to field crews, with instructions on where they need to go, job and materials requirements, and what they need to capture for downstream requirements.
 + Access real-time and geospatial visibility of progress and performance. Each stakeholder has instant access to results based on what they need to see for their role in the project.
 + A single workflow for construction, QA, change management, and digital redlining. Progressively identify and rectify quality issues, variations, and redlining in parallel with construction, reducing time-to-market by 3-5x by reimagining traditional linear processes. 

 + Unique close-out capabilities include a real-time view of network design vs. what has been constructed, changed, or moved at the detailed asset level. Progressive updates are available throughout construction to accelerate customer, payment, and network management processes.

Innovation is nothing without outcomes. Render’s deep deployment expertise and geospatial technology has driven countless successes for our customers:
 + 2x faster field productivity and OSP deployment across more all projects
 + Craighead Electric Cooperative, powered by empower broadband, connected over 10,000 locations and over 3,500 fiber miles two years ahead of schedule.
 + Streamlined customer connections and 5x reduced time-to-revenue with leading Tier 1 network operator
 + >60% saving in project administration resourcing and material waste across all rural network rollouts

Our focus for the year ahead is doubling down on feature-rich deployment capability to ensure that we continue to stay ahead of the challenges associated with today’s large-scale rollouts, including assisting our customers in navigating the supply and demand constraints impacting the industry.

Thank you Broadband Communities, for recognizing our work again this year. During one of the most challenging periods many have experienced, I  am proud of Render’s relationships across the industry, the value we are bringing to our customers, and our role in accelerating critical connectivity to hundreds of US communities

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