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How to be ‘shovel ready’ for 2021 broadband funding and grants
Fiber Network Deployment

How to be ‘shovel ready’ for 2021 broadband funding and grants

14/ 02/ 2021
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This year forecasts more investment in rural and greenfield broadband deployment than ever before, and it pays to be ready. Federal and state funding and broadband grants programs are highly competitive, and broadband providers need to understand all available efficiencies if they want to put their best foot forward in the application process.

In this session, Render will cover the 2021 funding and grant landscape, opportunities for application success, and how to maximize investment for faster delivery and higher returns, including:

+ Feasibility, planning, and budget considerations
+ Best-fit delivery model and partners
+ Efficiency tools to plan, deploy and operate networks
+ County and municipality deployment best-practices


Sherwood-Lori_fitbox_250x250                                              Sam

Lori Sherwood                                                      Sam Pratt
Director, Commercial and Market Development                     CEO                                                           

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