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Render’s construction technology connects over one million premises

Render’s construction technology connects over one million premises

11/ 04/ 2022

Business Wire

Global leader in geospatial network construction technology, Render Networks, has successfully accelerated the delivery of fiber and wireless infrastructure to connect over one million premises to fast, reliable internet. 

The milestone comes as the global broadband market benefits from a wave of fiberization, particularly in the US with an anticipated 48% increase in new fiber to the home connections by 2026. The US Federal Government has committed funding and grant programs including the $20 billion Rural Digital Opportunity Fund, and the $42.45 billion Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment program to connect underserved regional and rural areas of the country. 

With an estimated nine million fiber connections to be deployed by late 2023, the immediate industry challenge is delivering a significantly higher volume of connections at an unprecedented velocity. In the current resource-constrained environment, the value of construction technology that enables efficient deployment has become fundamental to the successful delivery of today’s networks. 

Render’s network construction platform enables real-time, geospatial visibility from the field to the office for operators and their construction contractors, eliminating manual processes and enabling new levels of field productivity and accountability. With a unique digital scoping and task-based construction approach, production rates are accelerated by greater than 30%, and direct project cost savings of over 20% are being realized across Render’s customer portfolio. 

Render CEO Sam Pratt said: “Our entire industry continues to accelerate in line with connectivity expectations of the communities we all exist to serve. At this pace, we will double this milestone within 12 months, and all signs are pointing to capacity constraints remaining a reality for operators and builders well past 2025.” 

“Cost is and will always remain a focus, however with funding for fiber projects now in abundance and the search for yield extending beyond traditional infrastructure into tier 2 and 3 networks, the challenge for construction firms has moved further towards efficient deployment, transparency, and control - as all are fundamental to optimizing retune and connectivity outcomes.

“With over 1 million connections under our belt, all of us at Render have a track record in accelerating rollouts and enabling some of the best network deployment outcomes seen across the industry. It’s humbling to play a role and enable our customers to improve connectivity and equality outcomes, especially so in underserved regions, that’s what sparks our innovation. We’re excited to build on this foundation and continue sharing the benefits of what’s possible when purpose-built technology and industry subject matter expertise are combined. ”

Render VP, Network Deployment Frank DeJoy said: "Render's one million households passed milestone reflects the company's evolution and readiness to support the needs of network owners and builders during this accelerated trajectory of broadband growth that lies ahead."

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