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Accelerating the economic potential of Springfield with smart deployment

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At the completion of a 1,100-mile fiber build in Springfield, Missouri, SpringNet's network was delivered months ahead of a demanding schedule connecting over 115,000 residents and businesses to gigabit broadband. SpringNet accelerated connectivity and economic benefits to their communities through digital and geospatial construction technology and innovative partner models. 

As it looked to expand its fiber network and improve connectivity in Springfield, SpringNet partnered with The Broadband Group (TBG) to plan the network build with an all-digital approach and TBG's utility lease model. 

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residents and businesses connected

The Solution

Render's technology provided a single source of construction progress and quality for TBG's project teams, contractors and SpringNet's leadership teams, including everything from maintenance and construction tickets to fiscal expenditures. If any part of the build required rework, it was rectified quickly and efficiently while crews were in the area, saving significant time and materials.

TBG recently shared the value delivered by Render for the Springfield project:

✔ Robust forecasting methodologies backed by data-driven analysis, enabling accurate projections for network planning and deployment.

✔ Comprehensive budgeting processes that account for all aspects of the build, from materials and labor to contingencies, fostering confidence in financial planning.

✔ Streamlined as-built and redline documentation, enabling real-time updates and facilitating improved construction quality, reducing rework and costly errors.

✔ Detailed construction scheduling and timeline management, providing confidence in meeting build deadlines.

✔ Clearly defined build zones and phasing strategies, optimizing resource allocation.

✔ Support efficient reporting and compliance processes, leveraging integrated systems to enable timely and accurate submission of required documentation.

Render introduces valuable operational efficiencies that will complement our overall technology strategy. The Render platform introduces an innovative approach that addresses logistical complexities typically associated with projects of this scale.

Jeff Reiman
The Broadband Group

The Results

SpringNet's rapid deployment of its fiber network generated substantial economic benefits for the community. Amazon built a 1 million square foot facility and Costco moved into the city. These enterprises brought thousands of new jobs and a domino effect into Springfield's developer landscape. In late 2021, the city saw an uptick in new subdivisions and multi-dwelling units as a direct result of Costco and Amazon. 

SpringNet's fiber network expansion tripled the connectivity reach. It brought immeasurable and everlasting opportunities and benefits to the Springfield community, including being ranked #1 best city for remote workers by the Wall Street Journal due to the highly accessible gigabit connectivity.  


With Render, TBG was able to deliver SpringNet's network:

0 %
under the initial five-year build forecast
0 %
digital deployment approach

It started out being a five-year project, then it was cut down to a three-year project. From there we still finished three months early and it was the tools that helped us achieve this.

CONNIE WALKER Operations Manager
The Broadband Group

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