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Group, manage and prioritize work with Render Labels

11/ 06/ 2024

Managing the thousands of tasks across a network build is often complex and cumbersome. Opportunities for project or construction managers to efficiently group or manage work or build areas will positively impact schedule times, optimize team productivity, and ensure work is being completed in line with build priorities.

Whether you’re focused on delivering grant areas, tracking milestones, or streamlining billing processes, Render’s Labels functionality offers a flexible, customizable solution that transforms how you categorize, track and report on your tasks.

What is the Labels Feature?
Labels are keywords or tags that you can optionally add to tasks, allowing you to categorize them based on specific groupings that suit your project needs or priorities. They are powerful in the following ways:
✔️ Customizable: Create labels that fit your unique project requirements.
✔️ Flexible: Organize tasks in any way that makes sense to simplify managing your project. 
✔️ Unlimited grouping or categorization: Assign multiple labels to a single task and link an unlimited number of tasks to a label.

  • Examples of how customers use Labels

Our customers have found innovative ways to integrate Labels into their workflow and projects, enhancing their work management and reporting capabilities. Here are some practical applications:

Managing and reporting on funded locations
Use Case: Select specific tasks within a grant boundary and apply the grant name as a label.

Benefits: This allows customers to prioritize tasks based on grant areas, making it easier to assign specific work to crews and report on network progress within those areas. It simplifies the management and tracking of grant-specific tasks and ensures all grant-related activities, labor, and material units are documented and can be filtered as needed for finance or reporting requirements.

Tracking progress against milestones
Use Case: Define milestones or phases of a project and use labels to aggregate tasks contributing to these milestones.

Benefits: Labels help manage and prioritize tasks that contribute to specific milestones. For example, grouping tasks such as strand, conduit, and vault installations under a common label, e.g., ‘Path, ' lets users know when a particular phase is complete.

Streamlining invoicing processes
Use Case: Add invoice numbers as labels to relevant tasks to easily report on the labor and materials utilized or billing status for certain groups or areas of tasks or work.

Benefits: This enables project managers to quickly see which tasks have been invoiced and which have not, streamlining financial tracking and ensuring that billing is up-to-date.

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Why are our customers loving Labels?
Custom categorization and filtering
Labels offer flexible and efficient categorization of tasks based on any criteria that are important to you. You can quickly search for and filter tasks using specific labels, making it easy to locate and manage different types of work across the project.

Work optimization
Labels streamline project and task management by allowing you to search for tasks with a particular label in Render’s Map or List view, and then seamlessly move them through the workflow. This enhances work prioritization and leads to a more optimized workflow. Crew members receive well-organized tasks, leading to faster completion and quicker project turnaround, helping assets become revenue-generating sooner.

Greater progress visibility and reporting
Labels provide a valuable way to quickly assess progress and enable detailed reporting on specific areas of importance, such as grant areas, milestone tracking, or permit tracking. This improved visibility helps in better project oversight and decision-making.

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