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Leveraging technology to win BEAD projects

Are you an EPC or network builder looking to win BEAD construction projects? 

Access your guide to upcoming funding stages, important criteria to consider as suppliers are locked down, and the role of construction technology in enabling your competitive advantage.

Explore ways to build a competitive response to upcoming BEAD project RFPs and bids, including:

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Understanding primary BEAD funding criteria
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How to optimize labor and subcontractor spend
Key benefits of construction management technology
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Ensuring your cost position is highly competitive

Render enables contractors to be hyper-productive

We have great crews, and before Render, they were installing 12,000 ft/day. With this technology, we’re installing 15,000+ ft/day, and our crews are delivering at least 20 to 25% faster.

Bill Rowsey
Owner, D&H Contracting

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