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[Free template] Construction budget tool for network rollouts
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[Free template] Construction budget tool for network rollouts

23/ 02/ 2021

Deliver a complete and compelling funding application or construction scope while still maintaining build flexibility and sufficient margin or contingency.

The following cost framework is applied to the free project calculator template below and showcases the potential efficiencies available with an end-to-end digital deployment

Network Design
Network design represents about 6-10% of the overall cost of a network project but has a fundamental impact on the outcome. A digital view of the design evaluates the entire network route and manages the physical inspection of existing poles, vaults, ducts, and infrastructure. Digital technology requires engineering teams to accurately collect specific field data before closing out survey tasks to ensure final quality designs.

 + Savings Result: By reducing the amount of design effort through automation and utilizing technology to convert the design into a paperless geospatial task set, 20% savings are readily achievable.

Project Management
The allocation for project management usually accounts for around 10-15% of the project total and can be a crucial driver of efficiency. Digital technology removes the guesswork from the field by only allocating construction tasks that are ready based on an optimal build sequence with required prerequisite tasks completed. Truck rolls are only initiated when tasks are confirmed and ready for completion by qualified crews.

 + Savings Result: By simplifying the construction workflow, eliminating administration effort, and introducing productivity gains of a digital, paperless approach, crews increase their efficiency by 20%, and project administration resourcing is reduced by greater than 60%.

Contractor and Materials
The most significant contribution is the cost of contractors and materials, which make up 70% of a project budget, and contain the highest risk elements. Increasing the transparency and visibility of where materials are used and by whom, utilization rates improve, and wastage reduces considerably. Project material wastage rates are reduced by a factor of five by streamlining material management and accurately tracking material utilization.

 + Savings Result: When teams go faster on the labor side, and less field supervision is required cost efficiencies quickly stack-up. For typical large projects with three-year build forecasts using traditional methods, outside plant efficiencies of close to 50% are achievable with a digital approach.

If applying for an upcoming Federal or State funding or broadband grants program, Render can provide a detailed scope for your project plan using this cost framework to demonstrate significant delivery savings and ensure a highly competitive funding application. 

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