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Dec 16, 2022

DENVER, Nov. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb

Render Networks, a fast-growing construction technology firm, is winning favor with US broadband providers, utilities, and communities by using real-time geospatial data and predictive algorithms to dramatically improve the productivity, visibility, and control of fiber rollouts.

City Utilities of Springfield (CU), a market-leading network delivery partner, and Las Vegas-based TBG Network Services are using Render Networks' proprietary work management software to enable construction crews to deliver fiber faster and at a reduced cost.

The Springfield, Missouri project, being overseen by TBG Network Services, is upgrading Internet capabilities through the expansion of ~1,000 miles of new fiber, passing more than 105,000 households and businesses.

The $120 million project will result in no additional expense to ratepayers due to the leasing of excess fiber capacity to top-tier ISP, CenturyLink.

To date, Render has participated in the upgrade of broadband connectivity to more than 200,000 U.S. homes. The company anticipates additional contract wins as the Federal Communications Commission and state governments continue to underwrite the expansion of fiber optic broadband.

Render Networks CEO, Sam Pratt, said:

"World-class broadband like that being deployed in Springfield, Missouri, is a game-changer for communities across America. As this project demonstrates, there's an increasing appetite across the country to think differently about how these networks can harness technology throughout construction and drive new levels of efficiency.
"Render's technology simplifies and digitizes work in the field so that construction crews can deploy fiber quickly and inexpensively. We are thrilled to participate in this drive for innovation in partnership with TBG Network Services, City Utilities, and Biarri Networks to deliver world-class connectivity to the City of Springfield."

Thomas Reiman, President, TBG Network Services, said:

"We anticipate Render's participation in the City Utilities fiber network expansion will introduce valuable operational efficiencies that will complement our overall technology strategy. While respecting the metrics inherent in any fiber network build, the Render platform introduces an innovative approach that addresses logistical complexities typically associated with projects of this scale. Render is a valued member of this team."

The Springfield project follows Render's involvement in the rollout of more than 3,000 miles of fiber to deliver gigabit broadband to 30,000 premises in rural Arkansas. The use of Render's technology in the Arkansas project facilitated an entirely paperless construction workflow and helped deliver a 55 per cent reduction in delivery timelines, significantly lowering construction costs.

Established in Australia, Render Networks has its US headquarters in Denver, Colorado. Render was recently named by Broadband Communities magazine as one of the Top 100 innovative firms that plan, design, engineer construct fiber networks around the world.


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